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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


1. I have signed up for a free trial but didn't get my password emailed to me yet. Can you help me?

Your password is emailed instantly to the email address you typed during the signup. You appear to have used an invalid email address or you may have misspelled your email address. If this is the case you may sign up for another free trial and your request will be processed immediately.

2. I do a lot of takeoffs using my own spreadsheet. I can do most houses in less than two hours. Why would I switch to GoTakeoff?

GoTakeoff gives you a framework that reduces the chance to forget components of your job. Most takeoffs can be done within one hour for an average residence. You can customize the defaults for materials to fit your needs, and after awhile you will find yourself double checking less. GoTakeoff has preset waste factors that have been tested by several contractors. You may find your crews are spending less time dealing with missing materials, or returning the leftovers.

3. Why would I use GoTakeoff to do a simple deck? I can do it just as fast by hand.

Can you calculate the number of joists, rim, ledger, decking, and rail components in a fraction of a second? You will have to take the time to enter the parameters of your job on the computer, but after doing a few jobs with GoTakeoff we believe that you will find it worth your time. Another benefit is that there is very little chance that you would forget items on your order. It can even give you the number of nails or screws needed if you wish.

4. How do I enter a complicated roof?

Most roofs can be broken down to known parts (gables, hips, shed, over-framing, etc.) On the ROOFS page you can use the online HELP menu for this page. When moving the cursor to the top of a column you also see HELP for this column. Note: When you plan to order trusses, please don't forget to enter the roof parameters, because this will be needed to calculate items like roof sheathing, fascia, rake, hardware, etc. When a hip roof is entered as stick-framed, GoTakeoff will consider slope, overhang and end-cut of hips, after which it will round up to the next available lumber length.

5. I entered my user name and password and the program responds with "User name and password not found". How can I log on?

In the login dialogue box you may click the box to indicate you are missing a user name and/or password. It has happened that someone mistyped their username during the initial free trial sign-up. This mistyped username will be your username until we change it to what you would like it to be.

An email to support@gotakeoff.com can clear this up as well.

6. I signed up for your free trial some time ago and would like to purchase use of GoTakeoff, but I forgot my username and password. What do I do?

Click here to request your username and password.

7. Why can't I see the bottom of the screen?

The resolution of your screen may not be ideal. We recommend a minimum resolution of 800x600 and find that 1024x768 works best.

PC users can change this by right-clicking on the desktop, clicking on properties, and settings. There you can change the screen area.

Mac users can go to the Apple menu, upper far left, select Control Panel and then select monitor. There you can change the screen area.

When using the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape, or Opera on the PC you can use the F11 key to toggle between a larger and a smaller screen.

8. How do I enter prices with GoTakeoff?

We have not yet included this option. In this highly volatile market it seems easier for most users to print and fax their materials list to a supplier, or to simply email it. It will save you a few minutes, and you will have no surprises when bidding a job.

9. Is GoTakeoff available as downloadable software?

No, it is not. By having GoTakeoff online we can continue to improve the program without having to bother you with an upgrade. We may add labor calculations that will add man hours to your material list, and give you the option to customize your estimates for framing, siding, and finish carpentry crews separately. We are also looking into having our program communicate with common lumberyard software.

GoTakeoff requires you to be online, and for this we recommend a high-speed connection. Once connected it works just as fast when using a phone line, but you might get disconnected occasionally. If this happens the program will keep the information you last entered, and you may continue where you left off at any time.

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