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This materials list is intended only as a guide to facilitate the pricing of and ordering for a new building or remodel. In formulating the approximate quantity of materials required to complete this particular project, GoTakeoff has used reasonable efforts to provide an accurate estimate. However, the information provided is only an approximation. Consequently, no guarantee, representation, or warranty has been made that the actual amount of material used will not vary from this approximation.

We suggest you read all online help instructions to make your entry process easier and as complete as possible. User remains responsible for proper material choice, engineering requirements, and compliance with building codes. User may need to adjust materials and quantities for special engineering or site requirements. All materials (quantities, sizes, grades) need to be verified by owner, builder, designer, estimator, engineer, or appropriate building codes authority.

Defaults given may include materials that are not appropriate for your building. Material quantities and sizes used may vary depending on variable building practices. GoTakeoff accepts no responsibility for quantity or quality of materials required by varying local building codes (e.g. holdown hardware for earthquake, wind, etc.) Liability is limited to the cost of the services for the estimate it pertains to.

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Information sent to www.GoTakeoff.com is regarded as confidential and is kept in the strictest confidence. We fully respect an individual's right to privacy, and declare that no information volunteered to us will be divulged to ANY third party, and that all information will be used solely for our own customer service purposes.

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